• Economy

    Briquettes from a dry sawdust will increase heat transfer for about 80%

  • Natural Materials

    All of our products are made from natural materials.

  • Individualy

    We offer a special production individually for each customer.

  • Export

    By request we can arrange an export of all our products to all EU countries.

Welcome to the home page of Joinery SIA (LTD).

Thank you for visiting our homepage www.joinery.lv. We hope that with more close acquaintance with our services and products you will get enough information that would help you to actualize your own ideas using our services. Over the years working together and a great trust in us many thanks to our regular customers and partners. Thanks to you we are growing, greatly increasing our quality and for now on we are a stable manufacturing company.

About us

Joinery SIA (LTD) – an experienced professional team which is offering high-level services for the production of high quality wood products.

Our services

Manufacturing products of any kind of wood. This may be a simple products or even whole frame for the home. Individual approach to each client.

Natural materials

A wood with its excellent thermal properties assisting with micro-climate is the most renewable resource in the Republic of Latvia.


We deliver manufactured products to the entiner terriotiry of Latvia. In case of the customer needs, we also provide delivery to all countries of the EU.